Spanish Verbs 2


In this lesson you'll learn more common Spanish verbs. If you'd like more information on how to use verbs in Spanish, have a look at the Present Tense, the Preterite Tense, and other lessons covering the grammar of Spanish verbs.

Online flashcards and a quiz are included to help you learn these verbs.


contestar answer
responder answer, reply, respond
preguntar ask
pedir ask for
romper break
coger catch, take, seize
atrapar capture, catch, seize
contraer contract, catch (disease)
cambiar change
perseguir chase, persue
decidir decide
entrar (en) enter
brillar shine, glow
aumentar increase, amplify
crecer grow
ayudar help
esconder hide
alcanzar reach, attain
chocar crash, hit, collide
golpear hit
sostener hold
esperar hope
imaginar imagine
saltar jump
reír, reírse laugh
salir (de) go out (of), leave
acostarse lie down, go to bed
levantar lift
escuchar listen
parecer seem, look (like)
mirar look at, watch
perder lose
amar love
significar mean
mover move
jugar play
apuntar point
indicar indicate
señalar point out
apretar press, squeeze
pulsar press
tirar (de) pull
empujar push
recordar remember
demonstrar demonstrate, show
mostrar show
cerrar shut
comenzar begin, start
empezar begin, start
parar stop
lanzar throw, launch
tirar throw
tocar touch, play (instrument)
esperar wait for
observar observe, watch
desear wish
preguntarse wonder


This section contains flashcards to help you learn the verbs introduced in this lesson.


Practice writing sentences with the Spanish verbs included in this lesson. Try using the verbs in different tenses such as present, past, future, etc.

Here is a text area where you can practice writing Spanish.


Here is a quiz to help you learn the Spanish verbs introduced in this lesson. Each time you take the quiz the questions will be a bit different.