Common Spanish Verbs


This lesson includes some very common Spanish verbs. Have a look at the lessons in the grammar section to learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs.

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Spanish Verbs

estar be
ser be
empezar begin
creer believe
elegir choose
cerrar close, shut
venir come
hacer make, do
beber drink
comer eat
disfrutar de enjoy
caer fall
sentir feel
encontrar find
volar fly
olvidar forget
obtener get, obtain
recibir receive
volverse go back, turn, become
dar give
ir go
ocurrir happen
tener have
conocer know (a person)
saber know (a fact)
aprender learn
dejar leave, let, allow
permitir permit, allow
gustar like
vivir live
necesitar need
abrir open
pagar pay
correr run
ver see
sentar sit
dormir sleep
sonreír smile
hablar speak, talk
levantarse stand up
tomar take
enseñar teach
decir say, tell
pensar think
girar turn, rotate
caminar walk
querer want
escribir write


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