The Human Body - Learn Spanish

The Human Body

In this lesson of the Learn Spanish course, you'll learn the Spanish words for the parts of the human body. You'll also learn some Spanish phrases related to health and feelings.

Online flashcards and a quiz are included in this lesson to help you learn the words and phrases included in this lesson.

The Body (El Cuerpo)

Here are some Spanish words for the parts of the human body. These words are frequently used in conversations, so it is worthwhile spending the time to become familiar with them.

la cabeza the head
el cerebro the brain
la mente the mind
la cara the face
la frente the forehead
el cabello the hair
la ceja the eyebrow
los ojos the eyes
las orejas the ears
la nariz the nose
las mejillas the cheeks
la boca the mouth
los labios the lips
la lengua the tongue
el diente the tooth
los dientes the teeth
la barbilla the chin
el cuello the neck
el hombro the shoulder
el brazo the arm
el codo the elbow
la muñeca the wrist
la mano the hand
las manos the hands
el dedo the finger
la uña the fingernail
el polze the thumb
el pecho the chest
el estómago the stomach
el corazón the heart
la pierna the leg
la rodilla the knee
el tobillo the ankle
el pie the foot
los dedos de los pies the toes
la piel the skin
el esqueleto the skeleton
el cráneo the skull
el hueso the bone
la sangre the blood
el músculo the muscle
la vena the vein

In Spanish these words are usually used with the definite article (el, la, las, los) where in English a possessive adjective is used. A possessive adjective is only used to avoid ambiguity. The definite article is also used with these words, even when it is dropped in English.

Abre los ojos. Open your eyes.
Ella tiene el pelo castaño. She has brown hair.



Here are some common Spanish verbs that describe actions that people do.

sentir to feel
pensar to think
tocar to touch
caminar to walk
correr to run
saltar to jump
respirar to breathe
dormir to sleep
hablar to talk
comer to eat
beber to drink
recordar to remember
olvidar to forget
sonreír to smile
reír to laugh
llorar to cry
toser to cough
estornudar to sneeze
oír to hear
ver to see
oler to smell

Spanish Phrases - Health and Feelings

This section includes some useful Spanish phrases related to health, and feelings.

Sound Estoy feliz. I am happy.
Sound Ella está triste. She is sad.
Sound Estamos cansados. We are tired.
Sound Están enojados. They are angry.
Sound Tengo sed. I am thirsty.
Sound ¿Tienes hambre? Are you hungry?
Sound Me duelen los pies. My feet hurt.
Sound Me duele la cabeza. I have a headache.
Sound Tengo un dolor de garganta. I have a sore throat.
Sound Tengo fiebre. I have a fever.
Sound Estoy enferma. (f) Estoy enfermo. (m) I'm sick.
Sound No me siento bien. I'm not feeling well.


This section contains flashcards to help you learn the Spanish words for the parts of the human body and phrases related to health and feelings.


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