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Improve Your English

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Improve Your English

These lessons will help you improve your English communication skills.

Welcome to Aderalingua Improve Your English. This collection of free online lessons is designed to help you improve your English communication skills. The lessons cover topics in English grammar and punctuation.


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Topic 1 - Prepositions

This topic covers common prepositions in English and how to use them correctly.
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Topic 2 - Phrasal Verbs

This topic covers phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs are compound verbs that consist of a verb and one or more prepositions and adverbs.
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Topic 3 - Progressive Tenses

This topic covers the progressive tenses of verbs.
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Topic 4 - Used To

This topic covers the uses of the phrase used to.
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Topic 5 - Confusing Verbs

This topic covers transitive and intransitive verbs, as well as the verbs sit, set, lie, lay, rise and raise.
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Topic 6 - This and That

This topic covers demonstrative adjectives and pronouns, as well as how they are used in English.
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Topic 7 - Sentences, Phrases, and Clauses

This topic covers sentences, phrases, and clauses. Understanding these terms will help improve your writing skills.
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Topic 8 - Expressing Ability, Possibility, and Obligation

This topic covers modal verbs and how they are used to express ability, possibility, and obligation.


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Topic 1 - The Apostrophe

This topic covers the use of the apostrophe in English.
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Topic 2 - The Comma

This topic covers the use of the comma in English. Correct use of the comma is one of the trickier aspects of English grammar.
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Topic 3 - Periods, Question Marks, and Exclamation Points

This topic covers the use of periods, question marks, and exclamation points in English.
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Topic 4 - Capitalization

This topic covers how to use capital letters in English.