Easy English

Learn to speak English quickly and easily


In this course you'll learn how to speak the English language quickly and easily. You'll learn useful English phrases and sentence structures, as well as the English words for colors, numbers, people, household items, and more. This course focuses on basic everyday conversational English, so that you can quickly start speaking and understanding English.

Most of the words and phrases introduced in the lessons have audio so you can hear how they're spoken. Pictures are often included with the words introduced in the lessons to make it easier to learn them.

Each lesson has a small quiz so that you can practice what you have learned. You can do the quizzes as many times as you like. The course keeps track of your progress, so you always know where you left off and what your current grade is.

Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. Let's get started.

Course Contents

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Level One

Level Two

Lesson 11 - To Be

Lesson 12 - Adjectives

Lesson 13 - People

Lesson 14 - House

Lesson 15 - Present tense of verbs

Lesson 16 - Possessive Adjective

Lesson 17 - The weather

Lesson 18 - Clothes

Lesson 19 - Questions

Lesson 20 - Days, Weeks, Months

Level Three

Lesson 21 - Simple Past Tense

Lesson 22 - Furniture

Lesson 23 - Kitchen

Lesson 24 - Negative Statements

Lesson 25 - Adverbs

Lesson 26 - City

Lesson 27 - Future Tense

Lesson 28 - Shopping

Lesson 29 - Irregular Past Tense

Lesson 30 - Object Pronouns

Lesson 31 - The Body

Lesson 32 - Health

Lesson 33 - Time

Lesson 34 - Months