Los Colores

amarillo (yellow)
azul (blue)
azul marino (navy)
blanco (white)
gris (gray)
marrón (brown)
naranja (orange)
negro (black)
púrpura (purple)
rojo (red)
rojo oscuro (dark red)
rosa (pink)
verde (green)
verde claro
(light green)
magenta (magenta)
cian (cyan)



Here are some flashcards to help you learn the Spanish words for common colors.


The best way to learn a language is to practice speaking, writing, and thinking in the language you want to learn. In this section you have the opportunity to practice writing the Spanish words for colors in sentences.

Like other adjectives in Spanish, colors follow the noun they refer to. If the word for a color ends in o, the o is changed to an a when used with a feminine noun. If the color is used with a plural noun, an s or es is added to the end of the color.

Write out the sentence using the Spanish word for the color in parentheses.

El cielo es ___. (blue)
El perro es ___. (black)
La casa es ___. (green)
La camisa es ___. (red)
El gato es ___. (grey)
La chaqueta es ___. (white)
La flor es ___. (pink)


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