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Learn English

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Learn English

In this online course you'll learn how to speak the English language.

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Welcome to the Aderalingua Learn English Online course. This online course is for anyone who wants to learn to speak the English language. In this course you'll learn basic English grammar, as well as many common English words and phrases. This course is great for ESL students, as it comes with many audio files to help with pronunciation, and has translations for common words and phrases for speakers of Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Online flashcards are included in the lessons to help you memorize common English words and phrases. Quizzes are provided to help you test your progress.

The first seven lessons of the course are free. Create a free account to access the full course content, keep track of your progress, and submit more complex writing assignments to get constructive feedback.

Let's get started learning English.

Getting Started


Lesson 1 - Alphabet

1) Learn the English alphabet.
2) Basic pronunciation - vowels.

Lesson 2 - Introductions

1) Learn how to introduce yourself in English.
2) Basic pronunciation - consonants.
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Lesson 3 - Nouns

1) Learn about nouns.
2) Learn the numbers 1 - 20.
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Lesson 4 - To Be

1) Learn the English pronouns.
2) Learn the verb be.
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Lesson 5 - Present Tense

1) Learn the present tense of verbs.
2) Learn the English words for colours.
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Lesson 6 - Asking Questions

1) Learn the verb do.
2) Learn how to ask questions.
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Lesson 7 - Adjectives

1) Learn how to use adjectives in English.
2) Learn some common English adjectives.

Past and Future

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Lesson 8 - Adverbs

1) Learn how to use adverbs in English.
2) Learn some common English adverbs.
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Lesson 9 - Future Tense

1) Learn how to express future actions.
2) Learn English words related to date and time.
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Lesson 10 - Simple Past

1) Learn how to express actions that happened in the past.
2) Learn English words and phrases related to weather.
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Lesson 11 - Present Perfect Tense

1) The Present Perfect Tense.
2) Common English verbs.
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Lesson 12 - Past Progressive Tense

1) The past progressive tense.
2) Food and Drink

This and That

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Lesson 13 - Comparisons

1) Learn how to make comparisons.
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/USGS
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Lesson 14 - Conditional Statements

1) Conditional Statements.
2) The verb phrase be supposed to.
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Lesson 15 - Commands and Instructions

1) Commands, Directions and Instructions.
2) Vancouver travel video. City vocabulary
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Lesson 16 - Abstract Nouns

1) Abstract nouns
2) Words and phrases related to hotels and accommodation.

Lesson 17 - Prepositions

1) English words for common animals.
2) Prepositions
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Lesson 18 - This and That

1) The demonstrative pronouns this and that.
2) Infinitives and Gerunds

Lesson 19 - Modal Verbs

1) Modal Verbs
2) House Vocabulary
meeting room

Lesson 20 - Past Perfect Tense

1) The Past Perfect Tense
2) More Past Participles

Lesson 21 - Phrasal Verbs

1) Phrasal Verbs
2) English words related to transportation.

Lesson 22 - Suffixes for Creating Adjectives

1) Suffixes for Creating Adjectives
2) Kitchen Vocabulary


Learning Tips

Here are a few tips to help you learn English.

  1. Try and spend at least fifteen minutes a day learning English.
  2. Spend some time every week writing in English: short conversations, descriptive paragraphs, and/or whatever comes to mind.
  3. When you have a few minutes free time, try thinking in English. You can think about your surroundings, things you plan to do, or just try and remember common English phrases.
  4. If you have friends who speak English, or are learning, try to speak with them in English.
  5. Once you have learned some English vocabulary, try watching English movies and tv shows, and reading English stories like the ones included in this course.
  6. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.


Here is a list of more resources to help you learn English.

  • Easy English Easily learn the basics of the English language with this online course. Many useful English words and phrases are included.
  • English Vocabulary In this free, online course you'll learn some very common English vocabulary. Pictures and audio are included in the lessons to help you the learn English words and phrases.
  • English Vocabulary 2 In this online course you'll learn more common English words and phrases. Flashcards and quizzes are included to help you learn the English vocabulary included in the lessons.
  • Google Translate is a free service provided by Google to help you translate between English and your language.
  • is an online English dictionary to help you learn the complete meaning and usage of words.
  • Merriam-Webster is an online English dictionary to help you learn the complete meaning and usage of words.
  • Librivox has free English audio books.
  • Gutenberg has free English ebooks.