Swedish Vocabulary

Swedish Vocabulary and Phrases

Swedish Vocabulary and Phrases

Swedish Vocabulary and Phrases

Welcome to the Aderalingua Swedish Vocabulary and phrases course. This is a free, online course to help you learn to speak the Swedish language. This course focuses on common Swedish phrases and vocabulary to help you get speaking the Swedish language quickly. If you already know some Swedish, this course is a great way for you to review and improve your vocabulary.

Unit 1 contains lessons to help you learn useful Swedish words and phrases. The vocabulary lessons cover topics such as common phrases, people, nature, the house, kitchen items, colors, food, numbers, and transportation.

Most lessons contain online flashcards and quizzes to help you learn the Swedish words and phrases covered in the lesson.

Swedish grammar is covered in Unit 2 to help you speak the language correctly. You'll find lessons on nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

The Swedish language is closely related to Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic, so learning Swedish will go a long way to helping you learn those languages as well. As you learn Swedish, you'll also find many similarities with English.

Let's get started learning Swedish.


Unit 1 - Phrases and Vocabulary

In this unit you'll learn some very common Swedish words and phrases. Pictures are included with many of the words to help you associate the word with the object it represents. Flashcards and quizzes are included in the lessons to help you learn the Swedish vocabulary.

Lesson 1 - Alphabet and Pronunciation

Lesson 2 - Introductions and Greetings

Lesson 3 - Useful Swedish Phrases

Lesson 4 - Swedish Words for Colors

Lesson 5 - Swedish Words for Numbers

Lesson 6 - People and Family

Lesson 7 - The Human Body

Lesson 8 - The House and Household Items

Lesson 9 - Animals, Plants, Natural Objects and Weather

Lesson 10 - Transportation

Lesson 11 - Date and Time

Lesson 12 - In the City

Lesson 13 - Food and Drinks

Lesson 14 - Clothes

Lesson 15 - Tools

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden

Unit 2 - Swedish Grammar

In this unit you'll learn the basics of Swedish grammar. Lessons are included to help you learn how to use pronouns, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions.

Lesson 1 - Swedish Pronouns

Lesson 2 - Swedish Nouns

Lesson 3 - Swedish Verbs

Lesson 4 - Swedish Adjectives

Lesson 5 - Swedish Adverbs

Lesson 6 - Swedish Prepositions

Lesson 7 - Verbs 2

Malmö, Sweden
Malmö, Sweden

More Learning Resources

This section contains a list of resources to help you learn to speak the Swedish language.

Google Translate provides Swedish to English and English to Swedish translations.

Youtube video showing how to pronounce some basic Swedish phrases.

Another Youtube video showing how to pronounce some basic Swedish phrases while getting a tour of Stockholm.

Project Gutenberg has some free Swedish ebooks.

LibriVox has a few free audio recordings in Swedish.

CoolJugator is a website that can help you with conjugating Swedish verbs.

Sweden has a few online newspapers.

Listen to online radio to help improve your listening skills. Sveriges Radio

Check out your local library, or online stores, such as Amazon for DVDs of Swedish mysteries, such as Wallander, Maria Wern, Annika Bengtzon, Beck, and The Bridge. These DVDs are in Swedish with English subtitles, which makes them a great way for learning Swedish.

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden