People and Family


In this lesson of the Learn Spanish course, you'll learn common Spanish words for people, family, and professions. You'll also learn some phrases that will be helpful when talking about family.

Online flashcards and a quiz are included in this lesson to help you learn these useful Spanish words and phrases.


People (La Gente)

Many conversations revolve around people and family members, so learning these Spanish words will be very helpful when trying to talk to people in Spanish.

Here are some of the common Spanish words for people and family members.

la persona the person
la gente the people
el adulto the adult
el hombre the man
la mujer the woman
el adolescente the teenager
la niña the child, the girl
la chica the girl
la muchacha the girl
el niño the child, the boy
el chico the boy
el muchacho the boy
el bebé the baby
los padres the parents
la madre the mother
el padre the father
la hermana the sister
el hermano the brother
el hijo the son
la hija the daughter
el marido the husband
la marida the wife
el abuelo the grandfather
la abuela the grandmother
la tía the aunt
el tío the uncle
la sobrina the niece
el sobrino the nephew
el amigo the friend (male)
la amiga the friend (female)
el enemigo the enemy (male)
la enemiga the enemy (female)

Spanish Phrases - Family

Here are some useful Spanish phrases you can use when talking about families.

Esta es mi madre. This is my mom.
Este es mi padre. This is my dad.
¿Tiene usted niños? Do you have any children?
¿Cuántos años tiene tu hija? How old is your daughter? (informal)
¿Cuántos años tiene su hijo? How old is your son? (polite)
Mi sobrino tiene diez años. My nephew is ten years old.
¿Tienes hermanos o hermanas? Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Tengo un hermano y una hermana. I have a brother and a sister.
¿Estás casada? Are you married? (informal to woman)
¿Está usted casado? Are you married? (polite to man)
Estoy casada/casado. I'm married.
Estoy soltera/soltero. I'm single.

People Flashcards

Here are some flashcards to help you learn the Spanish words for people and family.


Here are some Spanish words for common professions. Most professions have a different form for men and women, with the male variant ending in o and the female variant ending in a. Some professions end in a for both men an women.

el médico / la médica the doctor
el enfermero / la enfermera the nurse
el bombero / la bombera the firefighter
el policía the police officer
el abogado / la abogada the lawyer
el artista / la artista the artist
el granjero / la granjera the farmer
el periodista / la periodista the journalist
el actor / la actriz the actor / the actress
el músico / la musica the musician
el mecánico / la mecánica the mechanic
el recepcionista / la recepcionista the receptionist
el científico / la científica the scientist
el ingeniero / la ingeniera the engineer
el profesor / la profesora the teacher
el chef / la chef the chef
el camarero / la camarera the waiter / the waitress


Fill in the blank with the Spanish word for the word in parentheses.

Esta es mi ___. (daughter)

Mi ___ tiene siete años. (niece)

Mi padre es ___. (teacher)

Mi madre es ___. (doctor)

Mi ___ está casado. (uncle)

Este es mi ___. (grandfather)

Tengo tres ___. (children)

Answer the following questions with full sentences.

¿Cuántas hermanas tienes?

¿Cuántos hermanos tienes?

¿Estás casad(o/a)?

You have just met Elena who is visiting from Spain. Write out a conversation you would have with her where you ask her all about her family.

Here is a text area where you can practice writing Spanish.


Here is an online quiz to help you practice the Spanish words for people and family. The questions will be a bit different each time you take the quiz. Press the Start button to begin.