Numbers in Spanish


In this lesson you'll learn the Spanish words for both cardinal numbers (one, two, three) and ordinal numbers (first, second, third).

Online flashcards and a quiz are included to help you learn the Spanish words for numbers.

Spanish Vocabulary

Cardinal Numbers

0 cero
1 uno
2 dos
3 tres
4 cuatro
5 cinco
6 seis
7 siete
8 ocho
9 nueve
10 diez
11 once
12 doce
13 trece
14 catorce
15 quince
16 dieciséis
17 diecisiete
18 dieciocho
19 diecinueve
20 veinte
21 veintiuno
22 veintidos
23 veintitres
24 veinticuatro
25 veinticinco
26 veintiseis
27 veintisiete
28 veintiocho
29 veintinueve
30 treinta
40 cuarenta
50 cincuenta
60 sesenta
70 setenta
80 ochenta
90 noventa
100 cien
1,000 mil
10,000 diez mil
100,000 cien mil
1,000,000 un millón

Ordinal Numbers

first primero
second segundo
third tercero
fourth cuarto
fifth quinto
sixth sexto
seventh séptimo
eighth octavo
ninth noveno
tenth décimo
eleventh undécimo
twelfth duodécimo
twentieth vigésimo
thirtieth trigésimo
fortieth cuadragésimo
fiftieth quincuagésimo
hundredth centésimo


Here are some flashcards to help you learn the Spanish words for cardinal and ordinal numbers.


The best way to learn a language is to practice speaking, writing, and thinking in the language you want to learn. In this section you have the opportunity to practice writing the Spanish words for numbers in sentences.

Write each sentence using the Spanish word for the number in parentheses.

Pedro tiene ___ gatos. (three)

El examen tiene ___ preguntas. (fifty)

Tengo ___ camisas. (seven)

Hay ___ libros sobre la mesa. (ten)

Veo ___ personas en la tienda. (twelve)


Here is an online quiz to help you learn the Spanish words for ordinal and cardinal numbers. Each time you take the quiz the questions will be a bit different.