Spanish Verbs Review

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In this lesson you'll review how to use Spanish verbs. Over one hundred of the most common Spanish verbs are included.

Flashcards are included at the end of the lesson to help you learn and practice the Spanish verbs included in this course.


A verb is a word that expresses an action or state of being. Verbs have different forms that indicate when the the action happens.

There are three categories of verbs in the Spanish language, ar, er, and ir verbs. Many verbs in Spanish are irregular. The lesson Irregular Verbs covers most of the irregular verbs in Spanish.

Present Tense

The following table shows how to conjugate Spanish verbs in the present tense.

hablar (speak) comer (eat) vivir (live)
yo hablo como vivo
hablas comes vives
usted habla come vive
él, ella habla come vive
nosotros hablamos comemos vivimos
vosotros habláis coméis vivís
ustedes hablan comen viven
ellos, ellas hablan comen viven

Preterite Tense

The preterite tense is used to talk about an action or event that was completed in the past. The following table shows how to conjugate Spanish verbs for the preterite tense.

hablar (talk) comer (eat) vivir (live)
yo hablé comí viví
hablaste comiste viviste
usted habló comió vivió
él, ella habló comió vivió
nosotros hablamos comimos vivimos
vosotros hablasteis comisteis vivisteis
ustedes hablaron comieron vivieron
ellos, ellas hablaron comieron vivieron

Imperfect Tense

The imperfect tense is used in Spanish to indicate repeated actions that happened in the past, or an action that happened in the past for an indeterminate amount of time. Examples of the English equivalents of the imperfect tense are used to do and was doing.

The following table shows the conjugation of the imperfect tense for the three classes of Spanish verbs.

hablar comer vivir
yo hablaba comía vivía
hablabas comías vivías
usted hablaba comía vivía
él, ella hablaba comía vivía
nosotros hablábamos comíamos vivíamos
vosotros hablabais comíais vivíais
ustedes hablaban comían vivían
ellos, ellas hablaban comían vivían

Common Spanish Verbs

Here are over one hundred of the most common Spanish verbs. Use the flashcards at the end of the list to help you learn these verbs.

Infinitive English
abrir open
acabar finish
aceptar accept
acostarse lie down, go to bed
alcanzar reach, attain
amar love
aperecer appear
aprender learn
apretar press, squeeze
apuntar point
atrapar capture, catch, seize
aumentar increase, amplify
ayudar help
beber drink
brillar shine, glow
buscar look for
caer fall
cambiar change
caminar walk
cerrar close, shut
chocar crash, hit, collide
coger catch, take, seize
comenzar begin
comer eat
comprender understand
conocer know (a person)
considerar consider
contar count
contestar answer
convertir convert
correr run
crear create
crecer grow
creer believe
cumplir achieve
dar give
deber owe, should, ought to
decidir decide
decir say, tell
dejar leave, let, allow
demonstrar demonstrate, show
descubrir discover
desear wish
disfrutar de enjoy
dormir sleep
elegir choose
empezar begin, start
empujar push
encontrar find
enseñar teach
entender understand
entrar (en) enter
esconder hide
escribir write
escuchar listen
esperar hope, wait for
estar be
estudiar study
existir exist
explicar explain
formar form
ganar earn, win
girar turn, rotate
golpear hit
gustar like
hablar speak, talk
hacer make, do
imaginar imagine
indicar indicate
intentar try, attempt
ir go
jugar play
lanzar throw, launch
leer read
levantar lift
levantarse stand up
llamar to call
llegar arrive
llevar carry
lograr achieve, manage to
mantenar maintain, keep
mirar watch, look at
morir die
mostrar show
mover move
nacer be born
nadar to swim
necesitar need
observar observe, watch
obtener get, obtain
ocurrir occur, happen
ofrecer offer
oír hear
olvidar forget
pagar pay
parar stop
parecer seem
partir leave
pasar happen, pass
pedir ask for
pensar think
perder lose
permitir permit, allow
perseguir chase, persue
poder be able
poner put
preguntar ask
presentar present, introduce
preguntarse wonder
producir produce
pulsar press
quedar stay, remain
querer want
realizar achieve
recibir receive
recordar remember
reconocer recognize
reír, reírse laugh
responder answer, reply, respond
resultar result
romper break
saber know (a fact)
sacar take out
salir (de) go out (of), leave
saltar jump
seguir follow
sentar sit
sentir feel
señalar point out
ser be
servir serve
significar mean
sonreír smile
sostener hold
subir climb, go up, upload
suponer suppose
tener have
terminar finish
tirar (de) pull, throw
tocar touch, play (instrument)
tomar take
trabajar work
traer bring
utilizar use
vender to sell
venir come
ver see
vivir live
volar fly
volver return
volverse go back, turn, become

Verb Flashcards

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