People - German Vocabulary


In this lesson of the Learn German course, you'll learn some common German words for people and family. Many conversations revolve around people and family members, so learning these German words will be very helpful when trying to talk to people in German.

You'll also learn some German words for professions.

Online flashcards and a quiz are included in this lesson to help you learn these useful German words.



This section includes common German words for people and family. Many of the German words are similar to their English counterparts which will make it easier to remember them. Note: The first letter of German nouns is always capitalized.

die Person the person
die Leute the people
der Mann the man
die Männer the men
die Frau the woman
die Frauen the women
das Mädchen the girl
die Mädchen the girls
der Junge the boy
die Jungen the boys
das Kind the child
die Kinder the children
das Baby the baby
die Familie the family
die Eltern the parents
die Mutter the mother
der Vater the father
die Schwester the sister
die Schwestern the sisters
der Bruder the brother
die Brüder the brothers
der Sohn the son
die Söhne the sons
die Tochter the daughter
die Töchter the daughters
der Mann the husband
die Frau the wife
der Großvater the grandfather
die Großmutter the grandmother
die Tante the aunt
der Onkel the uncle
die Nichte the niece
der Neffe the nephew
der Freund the friend (male)
die Freundin the friend (female)
die Freunde the friends
der Feind the enemy
die Feindin the enemy (female)
die Feinde the enemies


Here are some flashcards to help you learn the German words for people and family.


Here are some German words for common professions. The German words for occupations have a different form for men and women. Usually the suffix in is added to the word to create the feminine form.

der Arzt / die Ärztin the doctor
der Krankenpfleger / die Krankenschwester the nurse
der Feuerwehrmann / die Feuerwehrfrau the firefighter
der Polizist / die Polizistin the police officer
der Rechtsanwalt / die Rechtsanwältin the lawyer
der Künstler / die Künstlerin the artist
der Bauer / die Bäuerin the farmer
der Ingenieur / die Ingenieurin the engineer
der Journalist / die Journalistin the journalist
der Schauspieler / die Schauspielerin the actor / the actress
der Mechaniker / die Mechanikerin the mechanic
der Musiker / die Musikerin the musician
der Rezeptionist / die Rezeptionistin the receptionist
der Wissenschaftler / die Wissenschaftlerin the scientist
der Lehrer / die Lehrerin the teacher
der Koch, der Chefkoch / die Köchin, die Chefköchin the chef
der Kellner / die Kellnerin the waiter / the waitress


Take the online quiz to see how well you know the German words for people and family.