German Movies and Documentaries

Film Reel

This lesson contains several youtube documentaries in German, as well links to online German TV shows and movies. Watching these videos is a great way to get familiar with spoken German.

Online TV and Movies


ZDF has online German TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Note: Some of the videos are region-locked and can only be viewed within Germany.

Das Erste

Online German TV Shows, documentaries and movies at Das Erste, including the German police drama Tatort. Note: This show is only available after 8:00 PM German time.

Ard Youtube Videos

Videos from ARD on youtube.

Urlaub in Deutschlands Süden

This video shows you the interesting sights in southern Germany.

More travel videos from the youtube channel WDR Reisen can be found here.


This is a 5 minute video about the city of Wismar on the Baltic sea.


This is a 5 minute video about the city of Bremen in northern Germany.

More Deutsche Welle youtube videos.

Nationalpark Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer

A ten minute video about the national park Wattenmeer in Germany.