Common German Phrases

Common phrases

In this lesson you'll learn some useful German phrases that you can use in everyday German conversations. A great way to learn these phrases is to use the included flashcards. If you write out the German phrase for each flashcard, it will help you learn these phrases even quicker. If you are feeling confident in your German skills, you can try and write short conversations based on the phrases included in this lesson.

At the end of this lesson is an an online quiz that you can take to see how well you know these phrases.

German Phrases

Listen to the following German phrases and practice speaking them. Learning these phrases will go a long way towards helping you communicate in the German language.

Sound Ja. Yes.
Sound Nein. No.
Sound Bist du sicher? Are you sure?
Sound Kann ich Ihnen helfen? Can I help you?
Sound Können Sie mir helfen? Can you help me?
Sound Brauchen Sie Hilfe? Do you need help?
Sound Komm mit mir. Come with me.
Sound Keine Sorge! Don't worry!
Sound Macht's nichts. It doesn't matter.
Sound Entschuldigung. Excuse me.
Sound So bald wie möglich. As soon as possible.
Sound Viel Glück! Good luck!
Sound Wie viel kostet es? How much is it?
Sound Viel spaß! Have fun!
Sound Ich freue mich darauf. I look forward to it.
Sound Ich kann es nicht glauben! I can't believe it!
Sound Ich weiß nicht. I don't know.
Sound Ich verstehe. I understand.
Sound Ich verstehe nicht. I don't understand.
Sound Ich habe es gefunden. I found it.
Sound Ich liebe dich! I love you!
Sound Ich vermisse dich! I miss you!
Sound Ich habe Hunger. I'm hungry.
Sound Ich habe Durst. I'm thirsty.
Sound Ich bin verloren. I'm lost.
Sound Ist es weit? Is it far?
Sound Es ist Zeit zu gehen. It's time to go.
Sound Bitte. Please.
Sound Na klar. Of course. / Sure.
Sound Kannst du mir einen Gefallen tun? Can you do me a favor?
Sound Es tut mir leid! Sorry!
Sound Es tut mir leid, ich habe mich geirrt. I'm sorry, I made a mistake.
Sound Vielen Dank. Thanks a lot.
Sound Danke schön! Thank you very much!
Sound Danke. Thanks.
Sound Keine Ahnung. No idea.
Sound Alles gut. No problem. / No worries.
Sound Kein Problem. No problem.
Sound Passt schon. It's OK.
Sound Keine Ursache. You're welcome.
Sound Das ist gut. That's fine.
Sound Das ist großartig! That's great!
Sound Das ist furchtbar! That's terrible!
Sound Das ist richtig! That's right!
Sound Was bedeutet das? What does that mean?
Sound Was ist passiert? What happened?
Sound Was ist das? What is that?
Sound Was ist los? What's wrong?
Sound Wer ist das? Who is that?
Sound Wie spät ist es? What time is it?
Sound Was möchten Sie trinken? What would you like to drink?
Sound Was möchten Sie essen? What would you like to eat?
Sound Ich muss morgen früh aufstehen. I have to get up early tomorrow.
Sound Wann bist du heute aufgestanden? When did you get up today?
Sound Ich bin heute um sechs Uhr aufgestanden. I got up at six o'clock today.
Sound Was machst du morgen? What are you doing tomorrow?
Sound Ich muss morgen arbeiten. I have to work tomorrow.



This section contains flashcards to help you learn the German phrases introduced in this lesson.


The best way to learn a language is to practice speaking, writing, and thinking in the language you want to learn. In the practice sections of the lessons, you'll have the opportunity to practice writing in German.


Here are some practice questions to help you learn German greeting and introduction phrases.

Drag the German word on the right to the matching phrase on the left.

1) Komm
2) So bald wie
3) Wie
ist es?
5) Es tut mir
6) Können Sie mir
7) Ich bin
9) Ich
10) Keine
11) Was ist
bedeutet das?


Practice writing short conversations based on the phrases included in this lesson. Keep the conversations simple at first. When you come back to this lesson for review, try and expand the conversations you write.

Here is a text area where you can practice writing German.



Here is a quiz to help you learn these useful German phrases. Each time you take the quiz the questions will be a bit different. Select the Start button to begin.