Swedish Verbs


In this lesson you'll learn how to use verbs in Swedish. Verbs are words that describe an action, state of being, or occurrence. As in English, many common Swedish verbs are irregular.

You'll learn how to form the present, past, conditional, and future tenses of Swedish verbs. A list of common irregular verbs is also included, as well as online flashcards to help you learn them.


Swedish verbs can be categorized as verbs that end in ar in the present tense, verbs that end in er in the present tense, and irregular verbs.

Regular Verbs

A majority of verbs in Swedish append ar to form the present tense and ade to form the past tense. The future tense is indicated by using ska with the infinitive of the verb.

att kalla to call
kalla imperative as in call me!
kallar present tense
kallade past tense
har kallat has/have called
hade kallat had called
ska kalla will call
skulle kalla would call

There are also many verbs that form the present tense by adding er and form the past by adding de.

att stänga to close
stäng imperative as in close it!
stänger present tense
stängde past tense
har stängt has/have closed
hade stängt had closed
ska stänga will close
skulle stänga would close


Irregular Verbs

Swedish has many irregular verbs. Many of these verbs are very common, so it is worth taking the time to become familiar with them. As in English, many of these verbs form the past tense by changing the vowel in the stem of the verb. See the table below for some examples of common irregular verbs.

Infinitive Imperative Present Past Present Perfect Future English
bita bit biter bet har bitit ska bita bite
bli bli blir blev har blivit ska bli become
dricka drick dricker drack har druckit ska dricka drink
finna finn finner fann funnit ska finna find
får fick har fått ska få get
går gick har gått ska gå go, walk
ge ge ger gav har gett ska ge give
göra gör gör gjorde gjort ska göra do, make
ha ha har hade har haft ska ha have
komma kom kommer kom har kommit ska komma come
kunna - kan kunde har kunnat ska kunna can, be able
le le ler log har lett ska le smile
låta låt låter lät har låtit ska låta let, allow
når nådde har nått ska nå reach
se se ser såg har sett ska se see
sitta sitta sitter satt har suttit ska sitta sitt
ske ske sker skedde har skett ska ske happen
sova sov sover sov har sovit ska sova sleep
springa spring springer sprang har sprungit ska springa run
säga säg säger sade har sagt ska säga say
sälja sälj säljer sålde har sålt ska sälja sell
ta ta tar tog har tagit ska ta take
vara var är var har varit ska vara be
veta vet vet visste har vetat ska veta know
vilja vill vill ville har velat ska vilja want
välja välj väljer valde har valt ska välja choose
äta ät äter åt har ätit ska äta eat
Sleeping Cat
Katten sover.
Elias swims in the lake.
Elias simmar i sjön.

Verb Flashcards

Here are some flashcards to help you learn the Swedish verbs included in this lesson.


Here is a quiz to help you learn the infinitive, present, past, and present perfect tense of Swedish verbs. Each time you take the quiz the questions will be a bit different.