Swedish Prepositions

Stockholm, Sweden

In this lesson you'll learn how to use prepositions in the Swedish language. A list of common Swedish prepositions is also included.

Online flashcards are included at the end of the lessons to help you learn the Swedish prepositions.


Prepositions are words that indicate the location, in either position or time, of a noun, such as "at" and "before". They can also be used to connect nouns to other words in a sentence, such as "of" and "about". In Swedish, prepositions come before the noun they are associated with.

Prepositions are very common words and are worth memorizing. The common Swedish prepositions are listed below.

angående concerning, regarding
av of, from
bakom behind
bland among
bortom beyond
bredvid next to, beside
efter after
enligt according to
från from
för for
före before
framför in front of
genom through, by
i in
inne inside, indoors, within
inom within
insidan av inside of
längs along
med with
mellan between
mot against, towards
nära near
om about
omkring around
ovan above
on, at
på grund av because of
sedan since
till to, at
tills until
trots despite
under under, during
utan without
utom except for
vid at
åt at, for
över over, across



Here are some flashcards to help you learn the Swedish prepositions.