Swedish Adverbs


In this lesson you'll learn how to use adverbs in the Swedish language. A list of common adverbs is also included.

Flashcards are included at the end of the lesson to help you learn the Swedish adverbs.


Adverbs are used to modify the meaning of verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.

In Swedish many adverbs are derived from adjectives by adding t to the end of the adjective. If the adjective ends in a d, the d is changed to a t.

Adverbs are placed in sentences in a similar manner to English.

Swedish Adverbs

Adverbs of Place

där there
där borta over there
här here
ingenstans nowhere
någonstans somewhere
utanför outside
överallt everywhere

Adverbs of Frequency

aldrig never
alltid always
ibland sometimes
någonsin ever
ofta often
senare later
sällan seldom, rarely
vanligen usually

Adverbs of Time

för närvarande currently
i dag today
i går yesterday
i kväll tonight
i morgon tomorrow
nu now
nyligen recently
omedelbart immediately
sent late
snart soon
tidigt early

Other Adverbs

ytterst extremely
speciellt especially
bara only
gärna gladly
ganska quite, fairly
mycket a lot
försiktigt carefully
inte not
kanske maybe
knappt barely
lyckligtvis fortunately
långsamt slowly
nästan almost
dåligt poorly, badly
few, little
för mycket too much
hövligt politely
mer more
mindre less
mycket very
redan already
snabbt quickly
troligen probably
tyvärr unfortunately
ännu yet
äntligen finally



Here are some flashcards to help you learn the Swedish adverbs introduced in this lesson.