Stockhom, Sweden

In this lesson you'll learn some very common Swedish phrases that are used for greeting people and saying goodbye. You'll also get some tips on how to pronounce Swedish.

The Swedish numbers from 1 - 10 are also included.

A short conversation in Swedish is included to help you learn how to speak conversational Swedish.

Flashcards are included at the end of the lesson to help you learn the Swedish phrases and the words for the numbers introduced in this lesson.

Swedish Pronunciation

Pronunciation of the Swedish language is fairly straightforward. Here are a few things to remember.

The letter J is pronounced like the y in yes.

The letter Å is pronounced like the oa in boat or like the o in hot when followed by two consonants.

The letter Ä Pronounced like e in get.

The letter Ö This sound is not in English. Pronounced similar to the u in fur. Same pronunciation as ö in German.

Swedish Phrases

Here are some very common Swedish phrases that you can use when greeting people and meeting new people. Along with the Swedish phrase, the English equivalent is shown. Press the audio icon to hear how the phrase is pronounced.

Swedish English
Listen Hallå. Hello.
Listen Adjö. Goodbye
Listen Hej då. Bye.
Listen Vi ses senare. See you later.
Listen Vi ses snart! See you soon.
Listen God morgon. Good morning.
Listen God natt. Good night.
Listen Vad heter du? What's your name?
Listen Mitt namn är ___. My name is ___.
Listen Trevligt att träffas. Nice to meet you.
Listen Var är du ifrån? Where are you from?
Listen Jag är från ___. I'm from ___.




Nils: Hej! Jag heter Nils. Vad heter du?

Maja: Jag heter Maja.

Nils: Var kommer du ifrån?

Maja: Jag är från Stockholm.

Nils: Trevligt att träffas. Adjö.

Maja: Hej då.


Nils: Hi! My name is Nils. What's your name?

Maja: My name is Maja.

Nils: Where are you from?

Maja: I'm from Stockholm.

Nils: Nice to meet you. Goodbye.

Maja: Bye.

Numbers 1 - 10

Here are the numbers from one to ten in Swedish.

Listen 1 en
Listen 2 två
Listen 3 tre
Listen 4 fyra
Listen 5 fem
Listen 6 sex
Listen 7 sju
Listen 8 åtta
Listen 9 nio
Listen 10 tio


Here are some flashcards to help you learn the Swedish phrases for greetings and the numbers from one to ten.