People - French Vocabulary


In this lesson of the French Vocabulary course, you'll learn some common French words for people, family, and occupations. You'll also learn some useful phrases for talking about family. Listen to how the words are spoken to help improve your pronunciation.

Online flashcards and a quiz are included to help you learn these useful French words and phrases.


People and Family

Many conversations revolve around people and family members, so learning these French words will be very helpful when trying to talk to people in French.

Here are some of the common French words for people and family members.

Listen la personne the person
Listen le peuple the people
Listen l'homme the man
Listen la femme the woman, the wife
Listen la fille the girl
Listen le garçon the boy
Listen l'enfant the child
Listen le bébé the baby
Listen les parents the parents
Listen la famille the family
Listen la mère the mother
Listen le père the father
Listen la sœur the sister
Listen le frère the brother
Listen le fils the son
Listen la fille the daughter
Listen le mari the husband
Listen le grand-père the grandfather
Listen la grand-mère the grandmother
Listen l'ami / l'amie the friend
Listen l'ennemi the enemy


Here are the French words for some common occupations.

le docteur doctor
l'infirmier (m) / l'infirmière (f) nurse
le pompier firefighter
le policier police officer
l'avocat lawyer
l'artiste artist
le fermier the farmer
la journaliste journalist
l'acteur actor
le mécanicien the mechanic
la réceptionniste the receptionist
le scientifique scientist
l'enseignant, le professeur teacher
le chef the chef
serveur (m) / serveuse (f) waiter/waitress


Here are some flashcards to help you learn the French words for people, family, and occupations included in this lesson.


Here is an online quiz to help you practice the French words for people and family. Each time you take the quiz the questions will be a bit different. Press the Start button to begin.