The Human Body - French Vocabulary

The Body

In this lesson of the French Vocabulary course, you'll learn the French words for the parts of the human body. You'll also learn some French phrases related to human emotions. Listen to the words and phrases and practice speaking them to help you improve your understanding of the French language.

Online flashcards and a quiz are included to help you learn these useful French words and phrases.

The Body (Le Corps)

Here are the French words for the parts of the human body. These words are often used in conversation, so it is worth taking the time to become familiar with them.

Listen le corps the body
Listen la tête the head
Listen le cerveau the brain
Listen l'esprit the mind
Listen la face, le visage the face
Listen le front the forehead
Listen les cheveux the hair
Listen les sourcils the eyebrows
Listen l'œil the eye
Listen les yeux the eyes
Listen les oreilles the ears
Listen le nez the nose
Listen les joues the cheeks
Listen la bouche the mouth
Listen les lèvres the lips
Listen la langue the tongue
Listen la dent the tooth
Listen les dents the teeth
Listen le menton the chin
Listen le cou the neck
Listen l'épaule the shoulder
Listen le bras the arm
Listen le coude the elbow
Listen le poignet the wrist
Listen la main the hand
Listen les mains the hands
Listen le doigt the finger
Listen l'ongle the fingernail
Listen le pouce the thumb
Listen la poitrine the chest
Listen l'estomac the stomach
Listen le cœur the heart
Listen la jambe the leg
Listen le genou the knee
Listen la cheville the ankle
Listen le pied the foot
Listen les orteils the toes
Listen l'os the bone
Listen le squelette the skeleton
Listen le crâne the skull
Listen le sang the blood


Here are some common verbs that describe some of the actions that people do.

Listen sentir to feel, to smell
Listen penser to think
Listen toucher to touch
Listen marcher to walk
Listen courir to run
Listen sauter to jump
Listen respirer to breathe
Listen dormir to sleep
Listen parler to talk
Listen manger to eat
Listen boire to drink
Listen rappeler to remember
Listen oublier to forget
Listen sourire to smile
Listen rire to laugh
Listen pleurer to cry
Listen tousser to cough
Listen éternuer to sneeze
Listen entendre to hear
Listen voir to see



Here are some useful French phrases related to how people feel.

Listen Je suis content. I am happy.
Listen Elle est triste. She is sad.
Listen Nous sommes fatigués. We are tired.
Listen Ils sont fâchés. They are angry.
Listen J'ai soif. I'm thirsty.
Listen As-tu faim? Are you hungry? (familiar)
Listen Avez-vous faim? Are you hungry? (polite)
Listen Je ne me sens pas bien. I don't feel well.
Listen Je me sens faible. I feel faint.
Listen Je me sens malade. I feel sick.
Listen Je me sens étourdi. I feel dizzy.
Listen J'ai mal aux pieds. My feet hurt.
Listen J'ai mal à la tête. I have a headache.



Here are some flashcards to help you learn the French words for the parts of the human body and phrases related to health and feelings.


Take the online quiz to see how well you know the French words for the parts of the human body and phrases related to health and feelings. Each time you take the quiz the questions will be a bit different.