French Adverbs


In this lesson of the French Vocabulary course, you'll learn how to use adverbs in the French language. Some common French adverbs are also included.

Online flashcards are included in this lesson to help you learn the French adverbs.


Adverbs are words that are used to modify the meaning of verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.

Many adverbs in the French language are derived from adjectives by adding ment to the end of the feminine form of an adjective. If an adjective ends in i, the masculine form of the adjective is used. If the adjective ends in ant or ent then the nt is dropped and mment is added.

Not all adverbs are formed from adjectives, and some are formed from adjectives in an irregular way. Many of these adverbs are very common and it will be very useful to memorize them.

Adverbs are placed in sentences in a similar manner to English. Adverbs:

  • come before the adverb or adjective they modify.
  • follow the infinitive that they modify.
  • usually directly follow the verb they modify. In a verb phrase, the adverb comes after the first verb.

French Adverbs

Adverbs of Place

dehors outside
ici here
partout everywhere
quelque part somewhere

Adverbs of Frequency

jamais ever
parfois sometimes
rarement rarely
souvent often
toujours always

Adverbs of Time

actuellement currently
aujourd'hui today
bientôt soon
demain tomorrow
hier yesterday
immédiatement immediately
longtemps for a long time
maintenant now
récemment recently
tard late
tôt early

Other Adverbs

assez quite, fairly
aussi as
beaucoup a lot
bien well
déjà already
enfin finally
ensuite next, then
heureusement fortunately
lentement slowly
mal poorly
moins less
peu few, little
plus more
poliment politely
très very
trop too much
vite quickly


Here are some flashcards to help you learn the French adverbs included in this lesson.