In the City - French Vocabulary


In this lesson, you'll learn some common French words related to the city. You'll also learn some phrases to help you when asking for directions and when you're shopping.

This lesson includes online flashcards to help you learn these words and phrases.



la ville the city, the town
le village the village
le centre ville downtown
la banlieue the suburbs
le quartier the neighborhood
la maison the house
le bâtiment the building
le trottoir the sidewalk
la rue the street
le lampadaire the streetlight
le passage pour piétons the crosswalk
le carrefour the intersection
le pont the bridge
the park le parc
le bureau the office
la mairie the city hall
l'entrepôt the warehouse
l'usine the factory
la gare the train station
la station de métro the subway station
l'arrêt de bus the bus stop

Shops and Services

la boulangerie the bakery
la bibliothèque the library
la librairie the bookstore
le café the coffee shop
le magasin de cadeaux the gift shop
l'hôpital the hospital
le marché the market
le cinéma the movie theater, cinema
le musée the museum
le restaurant the restaurant
le bureau de poste the post office
le grand magasin the department store
la banque the bank
l'épicerie the grocery store
le coiffeur the hair salon
le magasin de chaussure the shoe store
le supermarché the supermarket
le magasin the store
l'école the school
le stade the stadium
le théâtre the theater
l'université the university



Here are some common French phrases that will be helpful when shopping, at the bank, or at the post office. The approximate pronunciation is in parentheses.

Pronunciation notes:

  • The raised n indicates a nasal sound.
  • J in French is pronounced like the s in leisure.
  • Unstressed e sounds like the oo in foot.
Excuse me, where is/are ___? Pardon, pouvez-vous me dire où se trouve ___?
(pardon, poovay voo muh deer oo suh troov)
Where is there a ___? Où est-ce qu'il y a un/une ___?
(oo eskeelya an/ewn)
I'd like ___. Je voudrais ___.
(juh voudreh)
Do you have ___? Avez-vous ___?
(avay voo)
How much is this? Combien ça coûte?
(conbyan sa coot)
Where do I pay? Où est-ce que je paie?
(oo eskuh juh pay)
Do you take credit cards? Acceptez-vous les cartes de crédit?
(akseptay voo lay cart duh kraydee)
May I have a receipt? Puis-je avoir un reçu?
(pweej avwahr an ruhsew)
I'm just looking. j'aimrais juste regarder.
(jemreh joost ruhgarday)
I'd like to make an appointment. Je voudrais prendre rendez-vous.
(Juh voodreh prondre rondayvoo)
I want to send this parcel to ___. Je voudrais envoy ce colis en ___.
(juh voodreh envwahyay suh colee on)
Where can I mail this? Où est-ce que je peux poster ceci?
(oo eskuh juh puh postay suhsee)
I'd like to change this into euros. Je voudrais changer ceci en euros.
(je voodreh shonjay suhsee on ewroh)


Here are some flashcards to help you learn the French words and phrases related to cities and towns.