Comment allez-vous?


In this lesson you'll learn some more very common French phrases, as well as some more tips on how to pronounce French.

You'll also learn the French words for some common colors.

A short conversation in French is included to help you learn how to speak conversational French.

Flashcards are included at the end of the lesson to help you learn the French phrases and words for colors introduced in this lesson.

French Pronunciation

Pronunciation of the French language is fairly straightforward. Here are a few things to remember.

The letter ç is pronounced like the s in sit.

The letters ê and è are pronounced like the e in bed.

The letters à and a are usually pronounced similar the o in hot.

The letter ô is pronounced similar the o in note.

French Phrases

Here are some very common French phrases along with the English equivalent. Press the audio icon to hear how the phrase is pronounced.

French English
Listen Oui. Yes.
Listen Non. No.
Listen Êtes-vous sûr? Are you sure?
Listen Comment allez-vous? How are you?
Listen Je n'aime pas. I don't like it.
Listen Je vais bien, merci. I'm good thanks.
Listen Je suis désolé! I'm sorry!
Listen Je comprends. I understand.
Listen Je ne comprends pas. I don't understand.
Listen Pardon. Excuse me. Pardon me.
Listen Merci. Thanks.
Listen Allons-y. You're welcome.



Charles: Veux-tu un café ? Would you like a coffee?
Sylvie: Oui, s'il vous plaît. Yes, please.
Charles: Voici. Here you go.
Sylvie: Merci beaucoup. Thank you very much.
Charles: De rien. You're welcome.


Here are the French words for some common colors.

jaune (yellow)
bleu (blue)
blanc (white)
gris (grey)
marron (brown)
noir (black)
rouge (red)
vert (green)


Here are some flashcards to help you learn the French phrases included in this lesson and the previous lesson, as well as the French words for common colors.