French Words for Common Colors

Color Wheel

In this lesson you'll learn the French words for common colors. Colors can be either nouns or adjectives. When used as adjectives, they require the same grammatical endings as other adjectives. See the Adjectives lesson to learn how to use adjectives in French.

Online flashcards and a quiz are included at the end of the lesson to help you learn the French words for colors.

Les Couleurs (Colors)

jaune (yellow)
bleu (blue)
bleu marine (navy)
blanc (white)
gris (grey)
marron (brown)
orange (orange)
noir (black)
violet (purple)
rouge (red)
rouge foncé (dark red)
rose (pink)
vert (green)
vert clair (light green)
magenta (magenta)
cyan (cyan)


Here is a video to help you learn the French words for common colors. First the color is shown, then the French word for the color is shown, and finally the French word for the color is spoken. When the color is shown, try to speak the French word for the color.



Many French words for colors add grammatical endings to match the gender and number of the noun they describe. However, some French words for colors are invariable (the same regardless of the noun they describe). These words for colors are mostly derived from nouns such as orange.

The following table shows the grammatical endings of some common French words for colors.

Masculine Singular Masculine Plural Feminine Singular Feminine Plural English
blanc blancs blanche blanches white
argent argent argent argent silver
bleu bleus bleue bleues blue
bleu foncé bleu foncés bleu foncée bleu foncées dark blue
brique brique brique brique brick-red
gris gris grise grises grey
jaune jaunes jaune jaunes yellow
marron marron marron marron brown
olive olive olive olive olive-green
noir noirs noire noires black
orange orange orange orange orange
rouge rouges rouge rouges red
rose rose rose roses pink
sépia sépia sépia sépia sepia
vert verts verte vertes green
vert clair vert clairs vert claire vert claires light green
violet violets violette violettes purple


Listen la fleur blanche the white flower
Listen les fleurs blanches the white flowers
Listen le chat noir the black cat
Listen les chats noirs the black cats


Here are some flashcards to help you learn the French words for common colors.


Write out each sentence using the French word for the color in parentheses.

Le ciel est ___. (blue)
Le chien est ___. (black)
La maison est ___. (green)
La chemise est ___. (red)
Le chat est ___. (grey)
La veste est ___. (brown)
La fleur est ___. (pink)


Here is an online quiz to help you learn the French words for common colors. Press the Start button to begin.