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Welcome to Aderalingua English

At Aderalingua we offer online English courses designed to help you quickly learn the English language. Versions of the courses are available for speakers of español, português, 中文, हिन्दी, 日本語, and اللغة العربية.

Learn how to speak English with friends, for travel, or for business communication. We currently have four English courses:

  • Learn English Level 1
  • Learn English Level 2
  • English Vocabulary Level 1
  • English Vocabulary Level 2.

Learn English 1

The Learn English Level 1 course teaches you how to speak basic English quickly and easily. Useful English words and phrases are introduced to help you learn to speak English in everyday conversations. This is the recommended course to start with if you are just starting to learn English.

Learn English 2

The Learn English Level 2 course is an in-depth course that will help you speak the English language fluently. Dialogs, short stories, and videos are included in many of the lessons to help you improve your reading and listening skills.

In this course, you also learn enough grammar to be able to speak the language correctly. Plenty of examples are used to help you learn the concepts. Practice writing assignments and quizzes are included to help you improve your writing skills. Flashcards are included to help you learn English vocabulary.

English Vocabulary

Our English Vocabulary courses are designed to help you quickly learn useful English words and phrases. Pictures are included with many of the words to make it easier to learn the words. Online flashcards are included in most of the lessons, and quizzes are included to help you measure your progress.

Getting Started

All of the English courses contain plenty of audio recordings to help you perfect English pronunciation. Many of the English words and phrases introduced in the courses are translated into Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

All of the lessons are free. You can either select a course and start working on the lessons, or create and account if you would like to keep track of your progress, save your scores, and create your own flashcards.

Create an account to:
  • get the full course content
  • keep track of your progress
  • create your own flashcards.