Adjectives are words that describe nouns and pronouns. The following table lists some common adjectives.

Sound dark
Sound fast
Sound good
Sound happy
Sound hungry
Sound nice
Sound quiet
Sound right (correct)
Sound sad
Sound slow
Sound soft
Sound small
Sound thirsty
Sound tired
Sound wrong


Sentence Structures

Here are some common sentence structures to use with adjectives.

He is ___.
We are not ___.
I am very ___.
I am not very ___.
She is quite ___.
It is too ___.
They are so ___.
Are you ___?


The boxes are too small.
He is very happy.
Are you thirsty?
I am so tired!
She is happy.
She is not happy.
He is wet and cold.
The pizza is very good.

When you are confident you have learned the adjectives and sentence structures, select the continue button. For the quiz that follows, you'll need to know how to spell the adjectives correctly.


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