Here are some common English words for people and family.

Daughter, Mother, and Father

Sound person
Sound people
Sound man
Sound men
Sound woman
Sound women
Sound girl
Sound boy
Sound child
Sound children
Sound baby
Sound family
Sound parent
Sound mother
Sound father
Sound sister
Sound brother
Sound son
Sound daughter
Sound husband
Sound wife
Sound grandfather
Sound grandmother
Sound friend


Sound How many children do you have?
Sound I don't have any children.
Sound I have a daughter.
Sound I have a son.
Sound How many brothers do you have?
Sound How many sisters do you have?
Sound This is my husband.
Sound This is my wife.
Sound This is my friend.

Reading English

Hi. My name is Sophia. I'm from Portland and work as a sales manager for a small company. I live in a two-bedroom apartment with my husband and daughter. My mother and father live nearby and they look after my daughter while I'm at work. I have a brother and sister but they live in New York so I rarely see them.