Asking Questions

There are several ways to ask questions in English.

  1. Start the sentence with the verb do followed by the subject followed by the main verb of the sentence.
  2. Start the sentence with the main verb followed by the subject when the verb is be, will, can, may, shall, or must.
  3. Start the sentence with a question word such as who, where, what, when, how, or why.

Sentences that are questions end in a question mark "?" instead of a period "."

Question Words

Sound how
Sound what
Sound when
Sound where
Sound which
Sound who
Sound whose
Sound why



Can you go to the store?
Do you go to the store?
Does the store sell shoes?
Why do you go to the store?
Is it possible?
How is it possible?
Who goes to the theater?
Why does it do that?
Does he not wash the dishes?
When does the movie start?
What is wrong?