Irregular Past Tense

Many verbs in English have an irregular past tense. This lesson introduces some of the more common ones.

The English verb be is very irregular in both the present and past tense. The following table shows the past tense of the verb be.

I was
he was
she was
it was
we were
you were
they were


I was at the store.
He was tired.
They were happy.
We were at home.
Were they at the beach?
They were not at the beach.
The car was dirty.
The windows were dirty.

A lot of other very common English verbs also have an irregular past tense. The following table shows the past tense for some very common English verbs. Unlike for the verb be, there is only one form of the past tense for these verbs.


Verb Past Tense
bring brought
buy bought
choose chose
do did
drink drank
eat ate
find found
go went
get got
give gave
have had
hold held
make made
run ran
sit sat
say said
stand stood
take took
tell told
think thought


We brought some cookies.
She drank the coffee.
I found the keys.
The cat sat by the window.
I thought you said something.