Where Are You From?


Sound What's your name?
Sound My name is ___.
Sound Nice to meet you.
Sound Where are you from?
Sound I'm from Vancouver.
Sound Where do you live?
Sound I live in Toronto.

In English you is used when talking to one person or more than one person, and is used in both formal and informal situations.


The conversations section of the lessons includes a conversation between two or more people to help you learn how to use English in everyday conversations. Look at the vocabulary section to find the meanings of any words you don't know. Practice both speaking and writing the conversations. As your knowledge of English increases, try expanding the conversations, and practice creating your own conversations. This will be a great help for improving your English speaking abilities.



Eric: Hi! My name is Eric. What's your name?

Ashley: My name is Ashley. Nice to meet you.

Eric: Nice to meet you too. Do you live around here?

Ashley: No, I am on vacation. I live in London.

Eric: How long are you here for?

Ashley: One more week.

Eric: Enjoy your vacation.

Ashley: Thanks. bye!