To Be


The verb be means exist, have a specified characteristic or quantity, or occupy a specific place. The verb be is often contracted when used with pronouns.

The following table shows the different forms of be that are used when talking about the present.

Be Contraction
Listen I am I'm
Listen you are you're
Listen he is he's
Listen she is she's
Listen it is it's
Listen we are we're
Listen they are they're


Listen Where are you?
Listen Where is she?
Listen We're here.
Listen She is thirsty.
Listen I'm hungry.
Listen You are late.
Listen They are angry.
Listen The sky is blue.




Ashley: Hi. What's up?

Sarah: Not much. I'm just doing some work around the house. What are you up to?

Ashley: I'm going to the beach. Do you want to come along?

Sarah: Sure.

Ashley: Let's meet at Wick's Cafe at 10:00 and have a coffee first.

Sarah: Sounds good. I'll see you there.