Lesson 11 - In the City

Vancouver, Canada

In this lesson, you'll learn useful English words related to the city. You'll also learn some useful phrases to help you when asking for directions, staying at a hotel, and shopping.

This lesson includes flashcards and a quiz to help you improve your English vocabulary. Flashcards are available for speakers of Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

English Vocabulary


Listen city
Listen town
Listen village
Listen downtown
Listen suburbs
Listen sidewalk
Listen street
Listen crosswalk
Listen bridge
Listen park
Listen house
Listen building
Listen office
Listen warehouse
Listen factory
Listen city hall
Listen train station
Listen subway station
Listen bus stop

Shops and Services

Listen bakery
Listen bookstore
Listen coffee shop
Listen gift shop
Listen hospital
Listen library
Listen market
Listen movie theater, movie theatre(UK)
Listen museum
Listen restaurant
Listen post office
Listen department store
Listen bank
Listen grocery store
Listen hair salon
Listen barbershop
Listen shoe store
Listen supermarket
Listen store
Listen school
Listen theater, theatre (UK)
Listen university
Listen stadium

English Phrases

Here are some English phrases that will be helpful when you are shopping, checking into a hotel, or are asking for directions.

Asking Directions

Listen Excuse me. Where is the Astoria Palace hotel?
Listen Excuse me. How do I get to the train station?
Listen Go straight ahead two blocks.
Listen Go toward the train station.
Listen Turn left here.
Listen It's on your right.
Listen Where are we on the map?
Listen Excuse me. Where is ___?
Listen Excuse me. Where are ___?
Listen Where is there a ___?
Listen How far are we from the stadium?


Listen Are there rooms available?
Listen For how many nights?
Listen For two nights.
Listen How much does it cost per night?
Listen Do you have a reservation?
Listen I have a reservation.
Listen What time is checkout?


Listen I'd like ___.
Listen Do you have ___?
Listen Do you have it in a different color?
Listen How much is this?
Listen Where do I pay?
Listen Do you take credit cards?
Listen May I have a receipt?
Listen May I help you?
Listen I'm just looking.


Listen I'd like to make an appointment.
Listen I want to send this parcel to ___.
Listen I would like to buy some stamps.
Listen Where can I mail this?
Listen What is the current exchange rate?
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