Lesson 7 - Verbs Part 2

New York

In this lesson, you'll learn some more common English verbs. The past tense and past participle for each verb are given in parentheses.

This lesson includes flashcards and a quiz to help you improve your English vocabulary. The flashcards and quiz are available for speakers of Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

English Vocabulary

answer (answered, answered)
ask (asked, asked)
ask for (asked for, asked for)
catch (caught, caught)
chase (chased, chased)
decide (decided, decided)
enter (entered, entered)
fetch (fetched, fetched)
glow (glowed, glowed)
grow (grew, grown)
help (helped, helped)
hide (hid, hidden)
hit (hit, hit)
hold (held, held)
hope (hoped, hoped)
hurry (hurried, hurried)
imagine (imagined, imagined)
jump (jumped, jumped)
happen (happened, happened)
land (landed, landed)
laugh (laughed, laughed)
leave (left, left)
lie down (lay down, lain down)
lift (lifted, lifted)
listen (listened, listened)
look (looked, looked)
look at (looked at, looked at)
look like (looked like, looked like)
lose (lost, lost)
love (loved, loved)
mean (meant, meant)
move (moved, moved)
pick up (picked up, picked up)
play (played, played)
point (pointed, pointed)
point out (pointed out, pointed out)
press (pressed, pressed)
pull (pulled, pulled)
push (pushed, pushed)
remember (remembered, remembered)
seem (seemed, seemed)
show (showed, showed)
shut (shut, shut)
start (started, started)
stop (stopped, stopped)
thank (thanked, thanked)
throw (threw, thrown)
touch (touched, touched)
wait for (waited for, waited for)
watch (watched, watched)
wish (wished, wished)
wonder (wondered, wondered)
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