Lesson 9 - Verbs Part 3


In this lesson, you'll learn some more useful verbs in the English language.

This lesson includes flashcards and a quiz to help you improve your English vocabulary. Flashcards are available for speakers of Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

English Vocabulary

blow (blew, blown)
build (built, built)
burn (burnt, burnt)
buy (bought, bought)
call (called, called)
climb (climbed, climbed)
convince (convinced, convinced)
cook (cooked, cooked)
cover (covered, covered)
cut (cut, cut)
dig (dug, dug)
drag (dragged, dragged)
draw (drew, drawn)
drift (drifted, drifted)
drive (drove, driven)
dry (dried, dried)
explain (explained, explained)
find out (found out, found out)
float (floated, floated)
freeze (froze, frozen)
hate (hated, hated)
kick (kicked, kicked)
lean (leaned, leaned)
lock (locked, locked)
pour (poured, poured)
reach for (reached for, reached for)
remind (reminded, reminded)
rest (rested, rested)
return (returned, returned)
ride (rode, ridden)
roll (rolled, rolled)
save (saved, saved)
sell (sold, sold)
shake (shook, shaken)
shine (shone, shone)
shout (shouted, shouted)
sink (sank, sunk)
slide (slid, slid)
slip (slipped, slipped)
slow down (slowed down, slowed down)
spend (spent, spent)
spill (spilled, spilled)
stir (stirred, stirred)
swim (swam, swum)
switch (switched, switched)
tie (tied, tied)
try (tried, tried)
turn off (turned off, turned off)
turn on (turned on, turned on)
wander (wandered, wandered)
whisper (whispered, whispered)
wear (wore, worn)
work (worked, worked)
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