Lesson 1 - Verbs


In this lesson you'll learn some of the most common verbs in the English language. The simple past and past participle of the verbs are given in parentheses.

This lesson includes online flashcards and a quiz to help you improve your English vocabulary. The Flashcards and quiz are available for speakers of Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish.

English Vocabulary

be (was, been)
begin (began, begun)
believe (believed, believed)
break (broke, broken)
choose (chose, chosen)
close (closed, closed)
come (came, come)
do (did, done)
drink (drank, drunk)
eat (ate, eaten)
enjoy (enjoyed, enjoyed)
fall (fell, fallen)
find (found, found)
fly (flew, flown)
forget (forgot, forgotten)
get (got, gotten)
give (gave, given)
go (went, gone)
happen (happened, happened)
have (had, had)
know (knew, known)
learn (learned, learned)
let (let, let)
like (liked, liked)
live (lived, lived)
need (needed, needed)
open (opened, opened)
run (ran, run)
say (said, said)
see (saw, seen)
sit (sat, sat)
sleep (slept, slept)
speak (spoke, spoken)
stand (stood, stood)
take (took, taken)
talk (talked, talked)
teach (taught, taught)
tell (told, told)
think (thought, thought)
touch (touched, touched)
turn (turned, turned)
walk (walked, walked)
want (wanted, wanted)
wish (wished, wished)
write (wrote, written)
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