Lesson 10 - Date and Time


In this lesson you'll learn common English words and phrases related to dates and times, including the words for days of the week, months, seasons, and general expressions of time.

This lesson includes online flashcards for supported languages to help you improve your English vocabulary.

English Vocabulary

Days of the Week

Listen Monday
Listen Tuesday
Listen Wednesday
Listen Thursday
Listen Friday
Listen Saturday
Listen Sunday


Listen January
Listen February
Listen March
Listen April
Listen May
Listen June
Listen July
Listen August
Listen September
Listen October
Listen November
Listen December


Listen spring
Listen summer
Listen winter
Listen fall, autumn

Expressions of Time

Listen day
Listen week
Listen month
Listen year
Listen yesterday
Listen today
Listen per day
Listen daily
Listen per week
Listen per month
Listen next week
Listen next month
Listen next year
Listen in the morning
Listen last night
Listen tonight
Listen at night
Listen this afternoon
Listen in the afternoon

English Phrases

Here are some English phrases to use when talking about dates and times.

Listen What time is it?
Listen It's 1:00.
Listen It's 1:20.
Listen It's 5:30.
Listen What time do you go to work?
Listen at 3:00
Listen The store opens at seven in the morning.
Listen We're going at seven at night.
Listen What do you do on Wednesdays?
Listen What's the date?
Listen It's April tenth.
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