Lesson 5 - Adjectives


In this lesson you'll learn some common English adjectives, as well as common sentence templates to use with adjectives.

This lesson includes online flashcards for supported languages to help you improve your English vocabulary.


An adjective is a word that describes or gives more information about a noun or pronoun. Adjectives come before the noun they modify, unless they are linked to the noun by a linking verb.

A linking verb is a verb that describes a state of being or sensory experience. Some common linking verbs are to be, to look, to seem, to feel, and to smell. When the adjective is linked to the noun by a linking verb, the adjective is placed after the verb.

English Vocabulary

Sound angry
Sound bad
Sound big
Sound beautiful
Sound bright
Sound dark
Sound dry
Sound fast
Sound good
Sound happy
Sound hard ,
Sound heavy
Sound high
Sound interesting
Sound light ,
Sound long
Sound loud
Sound low
Sound narrow
Sound new
Sound nice
Sound noisy
Sound old
Sound quiet
Sound right (correct)
Sound rough
Sound sad
Sound slow
Sound soft
Sound small
Sound short ,
Sound smooth
Sound tall
Sound thick
Sound thin
Sound tired
Sound wet
Sound wide
Sound wrong
Sound young

English Phrases

A very common sentence template in English is:
Subject + be + adjective.

The subject can be any person, place, or thing. Using this sentence template, you'll be able to describe objects in English.

To ask if an object has a certain characteristic or attribute, you can use the the following sentence template:
Be + subject + adjective?

To say that something does not have a characteristic, you can use the following sentence template:
Subject + be not + adjective.

Here are some more very common sentence templates that use the verb be, adjectives and adverbs.

  • subject + is very + adjective.
  • subjects + are very + adjective.
  • subject + is really + adjective.
  • subjects + are really + adjective.
  • subject + is quite + adjective.
  • subjects + are quite + adjective.
  • subject + is so + adjective.
  • subjects + are so + adjective.
  • is + subject + really so + adjective?
  • are + subjects + really so + adjective?
  • subject + is pretty + adjective.
  • subjects + are pretty + adjective.

Similar templates can be used with the other linking verbs.

  • subject + seems really + adjective.
  • subject + looks very + adjective.
  • subject + feels so + adjective.


The pizza is very good.
The coffee is pretty strong.
The cookies are so good!
Is it really so hard?
She seems really nice.
I feel so tired.
The ice feels so cold.
They look pretty tired.

Joffre Lake
The lake is very beautiful.


Here is an online quiz to help you learn the English vocabulary introduced in this lesson.

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