Lesson 4 - Numbers


In this lesson you'll learn the English words for both cardinal numbers (1, 2, 3) and ordinal numbers (first, second, third). Online flashcards and a quiz are included.

English Vocabulary

Click on the Sound icon to hear how the word is pronounced.

Cardinal Numbers

Sound 0 zero
Sound 1 one
Sound 2 two
Sound 3 three
Sound 4 four
Sound 5 five
Sound 6 six
Sound 7 seven
Sound 8 eight
Sound 9 nine
Sound 10 ten
Sound 11 eleven
Sound 12 twelve
Sound 13 thirteen
Sound 14 fourteen
Sound 15 fifteen
Sound 16 sixteen
Sound 17 seventeen
Sound 18 eighteen
Sound 19 nineteen
Sound 20 twenty
Sound 21 twenty-one
Sound 22 twenty-two
Sound 23 twenty-three
Sound 24 twenty-four
Sound 25 twenty-five
Sound 26 twenty-six
Sound 27 twenty-seven
Sound 28 twenty-eight
Sound 29 twenty-nine
Sound 30 thirty
Sound 40 forty
Sound 50 fifty
Sound 60 sixty
Sound 70 seventy
Sound 80 eighty
Sound 90 ninety
Sound 100 one hundred
Sound 1,000 one thousand
Sound 10,000 ten thousand
Sound 100,000 one hundred thousand
Sound 1,000,000 one million

Ordinal Numbers

Sound first first
Sound second second
Sound third third
Sound fourth fourth
Sound fifth fifth
Sound sixth sixth
Sound seventh seventh
Sound eighth eighth
Sound ninth ninth
Sound tenth tenth
Sound eleventh eleventh
Sound twelfth twelfth
Sound twentieth twentieth
Sound thirtieth thirtieth
Sound fortieth fortieth
Sound fiftieth fiftieth
Sound hundredth hundredth


Here are some flashcards to help you learn the English words for cardinal and ordinal numbers.


Here is an online quiz to help you learn the English vocabulary introduced in this lesson. Each time you take the quiz, the questions will be a bit different.

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