Lesson 7 - Adjectives


Welcome to lesson 7 of the Learn English course. In this lesson you'll learn how to use adjectives in the English language. You'll also learn some common English adjectives. Flashcards are included to help you learn the adjectives included in the lesson.


Sarah and Cathy are in a store looking at new televisions.

Cathy: That's a nice TV.

Sarah: It's on sale for only $250.

Cathy: That's a great deal!

Sarah: Look at how big that TV is.

Cathy: I bet it's very expensive.

Sarah: Yeah, and my apartment is too small anyway.

Cathy: Let's check out some other stores.



Sound It's on sale.
Sound That's a great deal!
Sound Let's check out ___.
Sound TV, television
Sound expensive 高価な
Sound to look at 外を見る
Sound to like 好む
Sound yeah



Sound angry 怒って
Sound bad 悪い
Sound big 大きい
Sound beautiful 美しい
Sound bright 明るい
Sound dark ダーク
Sound dry ドライ
Sound fast 速い
Sound good 良い
Sound happy ハッピー
Sound interesting 面白い
Sound long ロング
Sound nice ナイス
Sound noisy うるさい
Sound old 古い
Sound sad 悲しい
Sound short ショート
Sound slow 緩慢, 遅い
Sound soft 柔らかい
Sound small 小さい
Sound tall 高い, 背が高い
Sound thick 太い
Sound thin 薄い
Sound tired 疲れた
Sound wet ウエット
Sound wide ワイド



An adjective is a word that describes or gives more information about a noun or pronoun. Adjectives come before the noun they modify, unless they are linked to the noun by a linking verb.


The blue car.
He walks along the rocky beach in the dark, stormy night.
The thick, soft pillow fell onto the floor.
The large black dog is barking.

A linking verb is a verb that describes a state of being or sensory experience. Some common linking verbs are to be, to look, to seem, to feel, and to smell. When the adjective is linked to the noun by a linking verb, the adjective is placed after the verb.

A very common sentence template in English is:
Subject + be + adjective.

The subject can be any person, place, or thing. Using this sentence template, you'll be able to describe objects in English.

To ask if an object has a certain characteristic or attribute, you can use the the following sentence template:
Be + subject + adjective?

To say that something does not have a characteristic, you can use the following sentence template:
Subject + be not + adjective.


I am tired.
She is happy.
Is she happy?
She is not happy.
The book is old.
The old book is interesting.
The night is dark and stormy.
He is wet and cold.

Some adjectives describe how much or how many of a noun there is, such as few, some, many, and all.

When two or more adjectives are used to describe a noun they are usually separated by the word and or a comma.

Joffre Lake
The lake is very beautiful.


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